Green Hub Denmark partners

The partnership behind Green Hub Denmark consists of research institutes, businesses, the utility sector, consumers and public authorities. The Board of Directors consists of:


  • The Port of Aalborg, Claus Holstein, CEO
  • Aalborg University, Jakob Stoustrup, Vice Dean Technical Faculty of IT and Design
  • DI Aalborg, Peter Rindebæk, Chairman
  • Erhverv Norddanmark, Rasmus Haugaard, Chairman
  • Erhvervsnetværk 9220, Mette Schmidt, Chairman
  • Himmerland Boligforening, Ole Nielsen, CEO
  • Aalborg Utilities, Søren Gais, CEO
  • RenoNord, Thomas Lyngholm, CEO
  • City of Aalborg, Christian Roslev, acting Business Director


Actions speak louder than words


See how Green Hub Denmark makes a difference. World-class knowledge and the urge to succeed are the key reasons as to why Aalborg and North Denmark may be characterised as the Silicon Valley of green innovation.

See how Green Hub Denmark makes a difference