Activities facilitated by FleksEnergi

Thematic meetings and webinars

Focusing on new solutions and technologies

- ex large heat pumps, digitalization, thermal storage

Working groups and workshops

  • Low temperature District Heating
  • Software for modelling and planning District Heating
  • Pathways to 2030 – how do we reach 100 %?

Delegations and site visits

Contact us if you are interested in some of the many innovative district heating-solutions in Northern Denmark.


We are always happy to share our knowledge and help you arrange site visits. 

FleksEnergi focuses on

Production: Green District Heating

Distribution: Low temperature district heating

Growth and new jobs: Promoting and showcasing companies


  •  “Improving Renewable Energi and Energy Efficiency in North Denmark District HEATing” 
  • We help DHCs with technical assistance (TA) for projects that accelerates the transition to CO2 neutral district heating (RES and EE)
  • Supported by the European Investment Bank through the ELENA initiative
  • Total budget 3,0 mill EUR, support from ELENA 2,7 mill EUR
  • 90% support to technical assistance
  • Many in the FleksEnergi network are benefitting: DHCs, consultants and suppliers
  • The expected investment boost of 60 mill EUR is estimated to create 500 jobs and save 40,000 t CO2


Read more about INDDHEAT (in Danish)

For more info - please contact ↓

Hanne Skovby Overgaard

Head of Secretariat, FleksEnergi

Hanne Skovby Overgaard