The idea is for China and the Nordics to take turn in annually co-hosting an international academic conference and to facilitate exchanges and discussions between relevant universities, research institutes, science and technology enterprises, and hereby take part in the global development focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals SDG7, SDG11, SDG13 and SDG17.



Pre-conference webinar May 20th 2021

Shanghai-Nordic Science and Technology Cooperation Sub-Forum


The pre-conference webinar functions as a preparatory roundtable in which representatives from the Yangtze River Delta and the Nordic countries can establish the framework for the two region's future cooperation on and exchange of innovative technological solutions.


The purpose of the webinar is to discuss:


  • Regional scientific and technological innovation resources.
  • The Yangtze River Delta and Nordic cross-regional scientific and technological cooperation of the future.
  • Cooperation between science and technology enterprises in Yangtze River Delta and the Nordics.
  • Achieve mutual benefit and win-win results for both sides.


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Smart Energy in a Smart City Context - CONFERENCE (DECEMBER 2021) Shanghai, China


China and the Nordics are frontrunners for innovative and sustainable energy solutions. We join forces and find state- of-the-art solutions for a 100 % sustainable energy system that is flexible, smart and integrated - based on best practices from both regions.


The purpose of the conference is to bridge the demand, support project and product development, promote investments, and support testing opportunities and funding, support technology transfer and make new partnerships, which leads to knowledge sharing, new energy projects and state-of-the-art solutions across China and the Nordics.



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