Facilitating green transition and innovation

In order to boost growth and export we create a setting for synergies, visibility and cross-sectoral collaboration, and we want you to join! Green Hub Denmark offers:


  • Research and development
  • Network and dialogue
  • Cross-sectoral collaboration
  • Large-scale test and demonstration
  • Business support and matchmaking
  • Knowledge sharing and communication

Large-scale test platforms demand large-scale collaboration

Green Hub Denmark has established a platform for co-creating new green products and services, in which the close collaboration between the utility sector, businesses, researchers, authorities and consumers plays a vital role.


The Green Hub Denmark partnership facilitates the development and testing of technologies that reduce the consumption of energy. Aalborg and the North Denmark Region offer large-scale state-of-the-art test and demonstration facilities - all within a geographical range of one hour or less from the City of Aalborg. As an example, Port of Aalborg and Aalborg Utility offer access to large outdoor areas and provide plug and play solutions for testing of new ideas and products.


The CO2 reduction target of the Danish Government of 70 pct. before 2030 demands thorough research and development of innovative sustainable business models and business solutions. In order to do so, access to systematised and well-structured capacities for practical testing of new ideas and collecting of data is pivotal.