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On Monday, September 30th, Green Hub Denmark and Aalborg Congress and Culture Centre invite you to the third annual NET ZERO pathways conference, where we will once again highlight opportunities to accelerate the green transition in businesses and organizations.


This year’s conference will be moderated by journalist Karin Cruz Forsstrøm, with a focus on current projects that are testing and demonstrating new and innovative solutions in areas such as Power-to-X, CCUS, and pyrolysis technology.


NET ZERO pathways

Green Hub Denmark contributes to solving climate challenges, attracting investments and creating more sustainable jobs by developing, testing and thereby creating businesses based on the sustainable solutions of the future. 


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GreaTEST together

Green Hub Denmark offers an entry for national and international businesses and researchers seeking to develop, test and create growth through the sustainable solutions and technologies of tomorrow.


Through massive investments, the objective for Green Hub Denmark is to turn North Denmark into the Silicon Valley of green innovation.


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Vision statement


To be the preferred collaboration platform for key innovative actors who want to test and demonstrate solutions for the climate neutral society.


Mission statement


We want to create a framework for development, test, demonstration and implementation of green business models, solutions and technologies through a strengthened collaboration between authorities, knowledge institutions, the business community, citizens and other green actors.


Green Hub Denmark facilitates collaboration on green transition and innovation in order to increase growth, employment and export.

SustainABLE together

Green Hub Denmark is a strong public-private partnership situated in Aalborg. We create the best sustainable ideas and solutions, and we connect and promote projects and relationships across sectors. Together we make a sustainable difference.